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Artist + Music + Business + Management = Your Money

Shellie Ferguson

Learn to capitalize on your talent

As a performing artist, one of the most exhilarating occasions in life is hitting the stage, and that feeling happens every time. Of course, there are other monumental experiences, such as finishing a recording. Hearing the playback, loving how it turned out, and realizing that it felt better than ever could be imagined. What about the feeling of hearing the song for the first time, outside the circle of those who were a part of the process, and seeing their vivacious energy and reaction? That feeling…almost indescribable, but knuckle color changing for sure!  

Artist + Music + Business + Management = Your Money
Learn to capitalize on your talent

Learn To Capitalize on Your Talent

The buzz is out, the crowds are growing, and the lights are getting brighter!
The people are singing, the phone is ringing, and the schedule is getting tighter.
The likes are way up, the live videos have jumped, and rising are the social media subscribers.
The people are inspired, and burning is desire, with raging blue flames of artists’ fire.

People want to buy more than singles and albums online.
They want to buy t-shirts, bracelets, and other merchandise.
People want to know what breakfast, lunch, and dinner looks like.
They even want to know who’s in the bed at night.

It’s a lot to handle, no time to gamble, what’s happening feels surreal.
There are talks of contracts, tour dates, songwriting, and publishing deals.
How much do you know? Who can you trust? You can’t afford not to know what’s what.
You need reliable advice, and yes, there is a price, but believe it’s worth it upfront.

The journey to reach success has taken many for a ride.
But there is more to win if business can come before pride.
You may have to travel for next-level representation.
But first, be sure to seek knowledge in your home location.

Seek a qualified music business manager that knows more than you.
Because attending the school of hard knocks is not something any artist has to do.
The relationship between a music business manager and client requires balance.
It’s time to learn how to capitalize on your talent.
~By Shellie Ferguson

Even some of the most well-known artists have found themselves financially destitute, especially after their music career quieted down. Often the artist suffers this destitution as a result of being purely focused on the music and not the business. Therefore, effective management is extremely important. Knowing that someone supports your career and has the business acumen to help you maximize your financial potential will make a tremendous difference in life both during and after the music. Know your music and understand your business. Learn to capitalize on your talent.  

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